MSL’s fabrication facility is particularly suited to modular fabrication with an overhead gantry crane and the bespoke height clearance of the workshop (12m at apex). MSL are capable of handling module constructions weighing up to 150 tonnes and over 20 metres in length before transportation to various sites throughout Ireland and the UK for clients such as Herkel Ireland (now BASF), Merck Sharpe & Dohme and GlaxoSmithKline. This method of construction ultimately reduces the number of man-hours required on site, which has many recognised advantages such as:

  • Reduction of safety risks through the transfer of man-hours from site to the more controlled environment of the workshop.
  • Reduction of costs through workshop efficiencies and by maximising the proportion of prefabricated work in the modular construction.
  • Reduction in sub-contractor safety risk and cost by carrying out NDE, coating, painting, tracing, insulation and electrical installation in the workshop.
  • Reduction in risk to project schedule

MSL’s scope can include

  • Identification of modular construction opportunities using the experience of an installation company.
  • 3D model design review to clarify boundaries of modular units / sections and inter-connecting details.
  • Constructability and assembly methodology.
  • Fabrication of pipework.
  • Module assembly in workshop including primary steelwork, equipment, rotary equipment alignment, fabricated pipework and associated secondary support steel, coating / painting, tracing, insulation, labelling, electrical and instrumentation.
  • Module testing and FAT.
  • Partial dis-assembly and preparation for transport.
  • Transport logistics.
  • Installation onsite and connection to site services.

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