Irish Distillery Expansion

Project Description: Irish Distillery Expansion
Client: Irish Distillers Limited, Midleton, Cork, Ireland
Contract Value: €9,000,000
Contract Duration: 18 months

This work was completed by MSL as part of a Major Expansion by Irish Distillers Ltd of its existing plant in Midleton Co. Cork. The Pot Still building is now the largest Pot Still in the world. All construction work was completed safely, incident free and on schedule.

Key features of the project included;

Workshop Fabrication: A total of 1,500 isometrics were logged, priority sequenced, engineered, fabricated, NDE approved, (PED approved where appropriate) and transported to site over a 24 week fabrication period. The workshop element consisted of stainless steel pipe, both DIN and schedule, ranging in sizes from 15mm to 1050mm diameter. The weld fabrication consisted of approximately 40,000 weld inches.
Workshop fabrication manpower peak: 20 men.
Site Works: The mechanical scope of works included the installation of pipework, H-VAC duct work and equipment, new process equipment, insulation of equipment and piping.
Equipment Installation: 160 items of equipment were installed in the columns distillation building including 6 no. distillation columns, each 36m high and weighing 20tonne. Approximately 1000 sets of trays were also fitted into these 6 distillation columns. 60 items of equipment were installed in the new Pot Still House including 3 new copper Pot Stills each weighing 20 tonne. These Pot Stills are currently the largest in the world.
Pipe Meterage: In excess of 13,000 metres of pipework was installed, supported and tested.
Direct Site Labour Hours: A total of 80,000 direct labour hours were expended on site with the majority of the hours concentrated in a 9 month period.
Site Man Loading: Site manpower peak: 60 men.

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